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Jislon (Europe) B.V.
Gesseltweg 4
6089 NT Heibloem
The Netherlands

T: +31 475 - 49 50 39
F: +31 475 - 49 54 76

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JISLON (Europe) BV, Pole Cones, Road Studs, Traffic Islands and Mirrors for every situation.

Our product range is divided;
* JISLON® - Pole Cone
* JISLON® - Road Studs 

* JISLON® - Traffic Islands 

* BIMEX® - Mirrors 

JISLON® Pole Cones

Our Jislon® Pole Cones range offers the best balance between SAFETY, DURABILITY and DESIGN.

This is the perfect product for locations and projects where for safety reasons bollards are required but traditional bollards of steel, plastics and wood will not survive and give too much damage and cost in maintenance. 

We offer the perfect balance between the best durability and a beautiful design.

JISLON® Road Studs


Jislon® Road Studs are designed to create safety on the roads. High tech developed products in dangerous curves and spots, which increase safety. Jislon® Road Studs in front of pedestrian crossings make them visible in the dark.




JISLON® Traffic Islands

The Jislon® Traffic Islands are used in combination with polecones, which creates new possibilities on the road.
Jislon® Traffic Islands divide the road, reduce speed and create safe roads. Excellent, authentic design and easy to install or to remove.

BIMEX® Mirrors 

BIMEX® Mirrors stands for quality. That is important to us, because we want to guarantee your safety. Regardless of the situation. BIMEX® Mirrors are continuously tested to guarantee the quality we offer. And the greater part of the production is done by us.

You can control every situation with a BIMEX® Mirror. Read more about the possibilities and applications.


Mirrors for your safety. That is our concern!


As Jislon (Europe) BV is manufacturer we can guarantee a fast delivery. Delivering products within 24 hours in the Benelux is not an exception. We ship our products to all other countries in Europe and the Middle East.