JISLON (Europe) BV, a Sekisui Jushi Company

JISLON (Europe) BV started in the end of the nineties in Roermond, under the wings of the Sekisui Jushi Corporation (SJC), which was established in 1954 in JAPAN.
Since then, SJC group has lived up to its corporate slogan, "CREATION OF NEW VALUES,"
through the development of new materials and the compounding of plastics with other materials
such as metals, textiles, woods and glass fibers etc...

Through original technology and attention to quality, SJC group has developed many high-valued-added products and specialist products, and has grown into a manufacturing enterprise with a wide range of product lines that includes consumer goods and home appliances, as well as industrial and commercial products.

In 2002 JISLON (Europe) BV started cooperation with Bimex BV (est. 1972) and this resulted in merging of the two companies in 2012. Now our main products are Pole Cones, Road Studs, Traffic Islands and Mirrors under our own brands JISLON® and BIMEX®

Products for your safety. That is our concern!

JISLON (Europe) BV stands for quality as that is important to us, because we want to guarantee your safety, 
regardless of the situation!

Our products are continuously tested to guarantee the quality we offer and the greater part of the production is done by us. Because we produce our own products, we can guarantee a fast delivery. Delivering products within 24 hours in the Benelux is not an exception for JISLON (Europe) BV. We also ship our products to other countries in Europe and the Middle East.